the experience

the experience

"She made me feel so comfortable when I had went in I was definitely a little nervous, since I hadn’t ever had photos of just myself taken…and when I left I felt renewed and seriously so EMPOWERED. Anyone who is on a journey to self love I highly recommend." -Nina

you are worth the investment.

the experience

Each of our sessions is handmade and created for YOU. You want it, you got it.

EVERY session includes...
- Professional Hair and Makeup
- 30+ Page Prep Guide
- Outfit + Styling Guidance
- A 1-2 Hour Guided Studio Session
- Complete Posing and Facial Expression Guidance
- Personal Reveal and Ordering Appointment

Please contact us to hear about our full pricing since it truly is different for every woman!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hair and makeup free?

Hair and Makeup is included in every session complimentary. You are welcome to do your own, however each of our artists are trained in H&M for camera purposes! It is a different process than regular makeup. You can choose full glam, natural, or go in the middle! All hair and makeup artists are trained on all skin types, tones, and hair types up to 4C.

I'm not photogenic. Help! 

Perfect, that means I get to be the one to train you! I will literally pose you down to your fingers and move your legs for you. Come as you are!

what do i wear?!

This is by far the #1 asked question I get when booking a session! I have a 30+ page guide on what to wear for your body type and where to find these things! Plus, I offer a complimentary wardrobe consultation when you book, which means I go through what you’re planning on wearing, before your session! We will make sure everything fits perfectly and looks ahhhh-mazing.

do i have to share my images publicly?

Nope! Only share what you’re comfortable with, share it all, or keep it private to yourself! It’s totally up to you and there is NEVER any pressure to share. 

do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We offer interest-free payment plans that 99% of our clients take advantage of. You can make as many or as little payments as you'd like leading up to the session, and it unlocks free bonuses by doing so!

i'm ready. how do i book?

YAY! I’m so excited! All you have to do is hit the contact page, fill out the form, and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours!